Heat Reflective Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam , Fireproof XPE Foam Custom Colors

Fireproof XPE Foam with Adhesive for Air Condition



Crosslinked XPE foam (in Sheet or in Roll):

Color: Black, White and others
Density: 15 Kg/ m3 to 144kg/m3
Size: 2000 X 1000 X 100 mm , or in roll with the 1000mm width, or as required
Light weight, good elasticity
The heat reflective foam combines an inner core of fire retardant closed cell PE/XPE foam with two external layers of high performance reflective aluminum foils and a special external coating of gold cloured antiglare with reinforced netting. Both external surfaces reflect radiant heat and the fire retardant inner core prevents heat flowTransferring from one surface to the next.


XPE Foam Technical Specification
Testing ItemProperties
5 times8 times10 times15 times20 times25 times30 times35 times
Density kg/m3200±30125±15100±1066.7±850±640±433.3±328.6±2
Shore Hardness °60~7050~6045~5035~4530~3525~3018~2513~18
Water Absortion Rate (23ºC±, 24h) g/cm3≤0.02≤0.02≤0.03≤0.03≤0.04≤0.04≤0.05≤0.05
Thermal conductivity(W/m.k)≤0.092≤0.082≤0.072≤0.062≤0.053≤0.047≤0.0414≤0.038
Tensile strength (L/W) MPa≥1.35/1.08≥1.12/0.89≥0.88/0.71≥0.68/0.56≥0.39/0.33≥0.33/0.25≥0.25/0.20≥0.20/0.16


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